SIS International believes that sustainability is one of the core features that must be present throughout the whole process of economic development. For developed and developing countries alike. That is why all our products lead to sustainable practices.

For the developing countries, in order to rise above lines of poverty, one should start from such areas as agriculture and introduce products that are socially and ecologically sustainable.

For the developed countries, one should look among products of large-scale, mass application to make them economically, ecologically and socially more efficient and accessible.

In the recent decades, the humanity went through significant stages of technological progress at an unprecedented pace, and today we live in the century of information technology.

People especially in western countries enjoy the aid of many technological innovations that increase efficiency and simplify tasks of the daily routine.

Yet, some new products which could have tremendous impact on efficiency of activities in such spheres as agriculture, construction, housing etc not only in developing, but also in the western world still did not find its way into appearance on the market and mass implementation.

We put our efforts into changing this situation.


from General Manager Johannes Krens

Pulse for the business came with discovery of social-economic potential of some innovative products which were not yet on the market

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