from General Manager Johannes Krens


SiS company started developing its social, scientific and managerial profile in 2002 and soon one of the first innovative products was presented to us by Max Blomeier of Max Tec.

This innovative German company works in the field of water, electricity, sustainable building material and energy-saving permanent filter systems.

Soon after this an introduction of innovations in second generation biofuels of waste biomass was given by Marinus Stein.

This was followed up by a series of innovations of Professor Dr. Wolfgang Staender from München, Germany. The first of Staender's innovations was the Subterranean Plant Supply System. (SPS) which has been developed by him and his team over the course of 40 years!

Together with International partners like Wageningen University Netherlands and NGO’s like Development Alternatives in India, SiS has now the honor, pleasure and duty to roll out this SPS project into the global market.

In our belief, and we dare say that, the SPS system presents ‘mind-blowing' possibilities for the future of sustainable agriculture especially in developing countries.

For the first time in agricultural history it is possible for farmers to provide and control fertilization, water uptake and immunization of plants with the help of some locally adapted technical engineering. In this sense the use of chemical fertilization and pesticides can be minimized.

The vision of Professor Staender was that this is done in such a way that high yield food and biomass production can be achieved without damage to the environment.

Through a new efficient warmth exchange technique even residual warmth from open waters of minimum 3 degrees Celsius and excess warmth from sewage pipes or biogas installations can be used to heat the soils till 11 degrees Celsius at -40 cm depth and lengthen growth seasons.

These systems were developed in unfavorable circumstances and show that sometimes creativity, perseverance and beauty rise from poverty and suppression. Great spirits are known to have concurred and survived the odds. They blossom in spite of dangers that are forced upon them. They teach us to believe in transforming and serving higher principles rather then surrendering to easy adaptation.


Sustainability starts with small-scale projects both in developed and developing countries worldwide

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