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The award-winning program Aakash Ganga for clean water was originally launched by Sustainable Innovations U.S. in 6 villages in Indian state of Rajastan, supported by the World Bank. SiS International has been asked to partner as a European Institute on the program of 50 villages leading up to 1,000 villages during 2010 - 2020. In order to reduce CO2 emissions from building of tanks for the program SiS has proposed to use water treatment and recycling technologies of Bucon Industries, for which much less steel and concrete is required.

Economic Mission to Murmansk, Russian Federation


During July 6 to July 9 SiS International will participate in a business trip to Murmansk as part of official Dutch economic delegation, led by state secretary of The Netherlands Heemskerk. The mission concerns clean energy. DonQi, Katamax, Bucon products will be presented.

Potential for sustainable roads and parking lots in the Netherlands


Gemeente Leeuwarden, Province Utrecht, Gemeente Tilburg expressed interest in becoming launching customers for implementing CO2-neutral lignite fly ash-based road construction material such as Allcompound in building municipal roads. TNO will monitor the road construction project. Cradle-to-cradle company Desso has expressed its wish to cooperate on recycling of bitumen from carpeting. BAS B.V., specialized in concrete and asphalt, will conduct the research.

Further research on development of sustainable binders


Specialist on fly ashes of SiS Pieter Stadhouders submitted a proposal to establish a Dutch foundation for sustainable binders. The foundation will stimulate research and perform assessment of CO2 emissions released by the production of different binders used in road construction and other infrastructure objects. This project is submitted for a “duurzame koffertje” award which will be selected by the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spacial Planning and the Environment (VROM) on first Tuesday of September 2009.

Re-arranging policies on sustainable irrigation projects


Due to slowing-down of the economy, the difficulty for farmers to invest in their land and crops and low milk prices it is difficult to market the subsoil irrigation systems at the moment. Therefore, SiS International and IntroVation have decided to enter the market for irrigation of golf courses. An experimental site will be established in cooperation with a golf course in the Netherlands. Building company Hijnmans will execute the set up of the experimental site. The original idea to invest in golf courses in Portugal where SiS was on Economic mission in February 2009 will be delayed for a few years due to the economic problems in Portugal and Spain. SiS has decided to partner with Water for Africa and Sanoway to prepare for projects for subsoil irrigation in several countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

SBIR application SenterNovem


Together with Buwotec and IntroVation SiS International will participate in an SBIR study organized by SenterNovem to replace  the peat component  in nutrients for soil. In this way the biodiversity of peat lands can be protected. Furthermore peats are essential natural absorbers of CO2.

The Shell LifeWire support program awarded to SiS International


SiS International has been awarded an opportunity to take part in the LifeWire program of Shell by means of which laboratory support and financial coaching on selected projects is available.