One of the methods employed to achieve international success is the use of corrugated steel tanks or glass-fibered steel tanks for storage and treatment for water or waste purification. Such reservoirs have a number of important advantages.


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The environmental and economic solution of separating slurries of all consistencies and ages of liquids and solids in a wide range of waste products found on dairy and pigs farms, sewage works, abattoirs, cattle markets, food processing plants, water utilities, breweries etc.

Rotorscreen Separator

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Manure Tank Storage

Manure storage can be a problem particularly as the effluent decomposes to produce aggressive and noxious gases. Our manure storage systems offer proven solutions.

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Easy-to-construct prefabricated buildings for fast, practical and economical space solutions. Can be used for storage of equipment, tools, materials, buildings in agricultural, wine industry, factories, garages, hangars, shops.

Prefab Buildings

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Three Dutch companies have combined their individual knowledge on water re-use, water purification and waste water treatment and tank technology, making it possible to manage all kinds of (waste) water projects outside European Continent. The companies - INVESTeau B.V., BUCON B.V. and RWB Afvalwater B.V. - produce a variety of components for storage, treatment, aeration and separation. The combination of high-quality components, impressive track records and high level of knowledge have resulted in different (waste) water solutions, which deliver significant advantages in terms of transport, building time and level of investment.

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