A partner of Sustainable Innovative Solutions, a German company MAX-tec Wasserkraft invented a hydro power station KataMax which can provide people in rural as well as urban areas with sufficient supply of clean energy.

KataMax is a small hydro power station that uses kinetic energy of stream water with high degree of efficiency. For generating energy it requires a waterfall height of minimum 1,75 meters and can be applied at the locations of rivers, dams or waterfalls.  Modular concept of KataMax allows for flexible, individual adjustment of the station to the given height of fall differences and rate of flow, resulting in the highest efficiency possible for the location.

High efficiency of the installation is possible with innovated patented techniques: Conveyor technique,  Gearing technique and a Generator technique.

Friction in combination of these techniques gives only 5% energy loss, while conventional gears usually have a 10% energy loss. It therefore allows power to be generated at an input of already 5% (most power plants require an input of 30%) which allows the installation to start working earlier with a low flow of water, work faster with a high flow and longer with a diminishing flow.


Small Hydro-Power Energy Katamax

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