Whether it is a golf course, hotel terrain or a farmer’s agricultural field, efficient irrigation system can bring substantial savings and preserve water.

Commonly, an irrigation system is based on sprinklers installed on the ground of an irrigated field. Through evaporation and substantial distance between the water source and roots of plants, large, costly amounts of water are lost annually. Fertilizers and pesticides used for the plants percolate soil with the irrigation water, into the groundwater system.

Subterranean Plant Supply System consists of specially developed hoses which are located under the ground, in direct vicinity to the roots. Water is released from the hoses through valves. Over time, the quantity of water released is exactly enough to maintain a moisture layer around the roots. Thanks to such precise dosage, consumption of water is significantly reduced; because hoses are subterranean, evaporation is prevented. This allows significantly reduce operational costs of the system and save excess drinking water for better needs. Due to precise dosage of water received by the plants, the growth increases significantly.

Additionally, the groundwater system is not affected (except cases of rain) because irrigation water does not reach the groundwater level. By means of a computer, it is possible to provide custom timing and automatize the entire irrigation process. Additionally, nutrition and air can be supplied by means of the system, delivering these components directly to the roots. The system has a durability of 40 years. Given i’s costs, it produces a high return on investment, affordable to communities of rural farmers in developing countries as well as owners of golf courses and sports terrains worldwide.

The inventor of the system, Dr. Staender has put 25 years of efforts to improve technology of subterranean irrigation systems to it’s state-of-the-art.


Sustainable irrigation with SPS System

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