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The location at a costal region, where the wind usually plays an important role, makes wind power generation extremely interesting. However, the size and properties of traditional windmills means that they are not suitable for decentralized power generation. Additionally, for technical and esthetic reasons, it may not be possible to locate a windmill in a densely-populated urban area.

This problem was addressed by partners of SiS International, a sustainable energy company donQi. An urban windmill means possibility to benefit from wind power for an individual household, factory or organization, with high flexibility in location.

donQi Urban Windmill was designed to perform optimally in an urban environment. The energy yield is maximized by generating acceleration at low wind speeds that makes it possible to produce electricity from wind force 2 Bft. The windmills are strong enough to produce electricity up to 11 Bft and can even withstand wind speeds of 200 km/h. Moreover, the donQi Urban Windmill is much quieter and more compact than the windmills known until now.

You can find more information in the brochure (on the right). For inquiries about the product, you can contact SiS International or donQi, or visit the website www.donqi.eu/engels


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