Opening the doors for Innovation

The world of Innovation takes vision, inspiration, boldness and managerial expertise to allow creative ideas be transformed into the reality of everyday human life.

Sustainable Innovative Solutions International (SIS International) is an action company that joins inventors to bridge the gap between great ideas and their social realization. It seeks and provides the necessary expertise to help improve our carbon and water footprints by the natural dynamics of innovations.

Our team takes an open and integrative approach, bringing together specialists from many different fields of knowledge. Therefore each business-oriented team player is also a cooperative philanthropist at heart. Being profitable is necessary to reach a sustainable goal, but it is never an aim in itself.

We invite you to take a look at our products and projects. We are always open to new opportunities and cooperation, the flow of the projects is never finished. Together with our partners we make sure that our projects make a significant, positive change in their fields of application.

Together we can bring sustainable innovative solutions into your part of the world.

Thank you

Johannes Krens



Sustainability starts with small-scale projects both in developed and developing countries worldwide

Pulse for the business came with discovery of social-economic potential of some innovative products which were not yet on the market

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